The Desert's Hand

The Desert’s Hand is an online magazine released 2 times a year that showcases the talent and opinions of the Muslim youth and children of the world.
With articles, stories and poems from across the globe, The Desert’s Hand allows young people to express what they think matters.
What do you believe in? What is something you think people need to be aware of? Here’s your chance to make it known. The Desert’s Hand is currently looking for submissions for it’s Winter 2014 edition, due in June. 
Write down your words. Make a difference.
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Back Issues

Volume 1
The Desert's Hand - Issue 1 - August 2011
The Desert's Hand - Issue 2 - November 2011
The Desert's Hand - Issue 3 - February 2012
The Desert's Hand - Issue 4 - June 2012

Volume 2
The Desert's Hand - Issue 5 - September 2012
The Desert's Hand - Issue 6 - December 2012
The Desert's Hand - Issue 7 - March 2013 (PDF version)
The Desert's Hand - Issue 8 - July 2013  (PDF version)