French Revolution

11 Oct 2010

This is one of my first reasonably written poems. I wrote it at the age of 13.

I have lived in France my whole life,
I have never left her shores.
And even though I hate the king,
It was a shock to hear he's no more.

The men cheered, the women cried,
Their tears mingled with their smiles.
The king is dead, no more shall die,
We are in a state of denial.

Is this news true?
Is it time to move past?
Has this horror ended?
Are we free, at last?

I cannot stand all those executions,
I am sick of all these deaths.
I want the guillotine banned,
I want it put to rest!

Our country was tormented!
Our country was betrayed!
Is this Revolution our answer?
Is it by them, we will be saved?

Is the terror over?
Will peace reign?
Our country has been torn apart,
By sorrow, and by pain.

The tyrant of a king is dead.
The monarchy is over!
Will democracy succeed?
Or will, this start all over?


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