A Letter from Hell

20 Oct 2010

Dear lost soul…
     I’ve heard of you. About your personal life; the drinking, partying, gossiping, backbiting, and all of that. Maybe you should reevaluate your life; think about what purpose it holds. Because at the moment there is no benefit in your life. It may seem fun for a little while but the consequences outweigh the pleasure. Trust me, I know.
     I was like you once, participating in the haram acts of the world. Oh, how I regret it now. I really, really wish that I could come back and fix my life, have another go. But I can’t, no matter how much I wish to.
     When I was little I was taught to always lead the life of a good Muslim and to follow Allah’s (swt) laws to the letter. I did as I was told; I prayed, fasted, gave to the poor… up to my 21st birthday. Something happened and before I knew what was happening I was done for. I could have fought it, redeemed myself, but I was enjoying myself too much. My conscience played havoc but I learned to ignore it. I lied to myself, told that little voice of good that keep pestering me that if it was enjoyable it was okay. How wrong I was.
     I truly regret my life and I wish, wish to heaven and back that I had done better, done more good. But I didn’t and I don’t have any excuses either. I was given enough warnings; my Father was a scholar of Islam for Pete’s sake. I wish that I had listened to him and my Mother when they warned me of my weak Iman. They did everything, short of whipping me. A part of me kinda wish they had; although I don’t believe it would have done any good: I was too far gone.
     Looking back over this letter I see the word “wish” pop up again and again. My “free” life style has led me into an everlasting life of suffering and regret. If I could have anything I would choose to go back and redo my life – redeem myself and prove to everybody that I’m not a no-count Muslim who can’t follow her faith. But I will never be given that chance, because I proved I’m not trustworthy to be given one.
     I don’t want anyone else to fall in the trap I did so that’s why I want you to listen, to follow my advice. Don’t give in to the temptations of life, because when it comes down to it – it’s just not worth the consequences. Concentrate more on your Iman, and build your life along with the one after death. The life you are living isn’t important - it’s just a hurdle, a stepping stone to the real life, the life that counts.
Living in continuous Shame and Regret; 
A Permanent Resident of Hell


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