My choice

13 Jan 2011

Lately there has been a lot of negativity about Islam, especially in Australia where I live. One of the main issues is the Hijab, or headscarf. When people talk about the Hijab they use the words oppression, forced, and many others. I speak as a Muslim girl who willingly wears the Hijab. My parents don't force it on me - it's my own choice. When I wear the Hijab I feel a great many things, but none of them are feelings of oppression or of capture. I feel proud to wear the Hijab, to cover myself from those who have no right to look upon my body. The girls today suffer from extreme peer pressure, lack of self-confidence, and many other social problems. Many teenagers and women suffer from Anorexia Nervosa; an eating disorder brought upon by the fact that the person in question refuses to eat in fear of gaining weight. Anorexia is quite often coupled by lack of self-esteem; teenagers are more worried about how they look than their own well-being. 
     My Hijab protects me from that and more. I don't have to worry whether my hair and clothes are according to the latest fashion. Neither do I have to worry that I'm not skinny enough; I can maintain a healthy lifestyle without anyone dictating to me about my looks. My code of dress is extremely close to my heart and it hurts me to believe that people could be so blind as to see that I love who I am, and part of who I am is my Islamic code of dress - and yes, my Hijab.

     The following poem I wrote in according to these issues. I pray that you open your heart and eyes to see that we are all human beings, and we all have our different ways of living.

In these dark and lonely times
Where religious disputes reign supreme
Listen to everybody's voice 
But once they've chosen leave them be

For in the face of Islam
I have only one thing to say
For you is you religion
And for me is my own

All around the western world
People are striving to stop
The spread of a single religion,
Islam, why's that?

All over the news you see terrorist strikes
And the first thing you think is -- It's the Muslims?
Sure we have our questionable people
But then, what culture doesn't?

Please listen to me, we aren't all like that
You're placing us all in one category
Yes, we have our less appealing characters
But so do the Jews and Christians

We are all from the same race
We all live on this planet
Why can't we just get along?
Why do we fight and argue?

Muslims aren't mean, or cruel, or offensive
As a whole we're not so bad
But one or two may act out of line
And you base us all that?

I don't force you to pray, or to wear the Hijab
I don't label you by offensive titles
But when I walk down the street I get called weird names
I get pointed out and laughed at

I'm just a human girl
Following what I think is right
I try to understand what's right and what's wrong
I ask you, what's the harm in that?

So I ask you from the heart,
Why the names and stares?
Why do you judge my by my religion?
And why do you really care?

I wear the Hijab to purify my Deen
I pray five times a day to keep my heart clean
I may act differently to everyone else
But the truth is; I'm just an ordinary girl

Why do you try to ban my rights?
Why do you try to cage me in your rules?
Why are you targeting Islam only?
When the world in full of other religions too?

My intention is simple,
I'm trying to understand
Why people hate Islam so
Why against it they all stand

You have no right in the affairs of my heart
And in my heart I believe
Islam is my decision of what's right
No matter what other people think

To you is your religion
And to me is my own
So no matter how you scream and curse
Islam is my religion, and the truth is,
It's MY choice!


Anonymous said...

Good on you for speaking out loud. More Muslim women should express their opinions on the Hijab.

Anonymous said...

salamu alaikum sister...glad i found your reading your work

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