Who I want to be

31 Mar 2011

I've tried to make you understand
Tried to explain
But you wouldn't understand
Wouldn't listen
So I'm done
Trying to explain
I haven't given up
Far from it
I've just accepted the fact
That you'll never get it
That you'll never get me
I still have my hopes, goals and dreams
Only you won't be a part of them
Because nothing I do is good enough for you
You always want more
And I can't comply
Because I've nothing left
So I guess I'll settle for being alone
In my little world of make-believe
Where everyone gets me, including you
Especially you
But that's just another one of my stupid dreams
My stupid,
Ridiculous dreams
The ideas that you'll never acknowledge
So I won't share my hopes anymore
At least not with you
But I'll keep dreaming
But deep down,
I'm still hoping,
Like the child I am
That one day...
You'll finally understand
And realise that I'm a dreamer
With my head in the clouds
And that there's nothing wrong with that
Because everyone's different
And while some people have to look at everything
With seriousness and practicallity
Some people have to see what they want to see
And that includes dreamers, idealists
That includes me
So sorry
But I'm not happy being you
I'm not happy being you
I'm content being me
And no longer shall I let you
Dictate to me
Who I want to be


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