Let me hold you

7 Mar 2011

Mother, I have something to say
Something that should have been said long ago
Something I can't keep in any longer
Something I have to say before my time's up

When I fell you picked me up
When I broke down you dried my tears
When I was sick you never left my bedside
Even though you were much sicker than I ever was

When I gave up you made me fight back
When I felt like dying you gave me a reason to live
When Dad died and I blamed you you never fought back, not even once
Even though you were falling apart inside

When I ran away you hunted me down and brought me home
When I lost my temper and punched another kid you were the only one who understood
When I failed my classes you never scolded me
Even I could see the pain in your gentle, brown eyes

Mother I'm sorry for how I've treated you
I regret the pain I've caused you
I never realised how much you did for me
I would never have made it this far through life without you

Mother dear, I'm trying to tell you I'm truely sorry
I've wasted my time with you
Now, as you lie old and sick on your deathbed
Let me hold you as you've held me throughout these past years


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