Tell Me Why

10 Aug 2011

Just a poem I wrote while pondering the state of modern society. 

Sitting in my house
I watch TV with growing pain
Feeling sick and afraid
In my own house
I watch battles unfold
Between politicians and ordinary people
Over me and my family
I switch channel, again and again
The same is on everywhere: Hatred

Tell Me Why…
I watch a girl being beaten
Abused and cursed at
Just because of a single cloth
That sits upon her head
She tries to fight
But there’s too many
Men and women, both
Laughing at her distress
At her pain
Tell Me Why…

They grab at her scarf
She clutches at it helplessly
“Leave me alone,” she pleads
Tears run down her face
I cry too, for my sisters
My brothers, my family
All in danger, for nothing
I get up and turn off the TV
Just as they strip away her heart

Tell Me Why…

I collapse, my head throbs
Tears stream down my face
I don’t understand
My heart aches, burns
Crying out to speak
To get up and fight
I can’t, I’ve lost hope
Why are they doing this to us?
Why can’t I be me?

Just Tell Me Why

Why does this have to happen when in fact, the people who are attacked, be it a muslim sister, a scrawny college kid or even just a person with an unusual opinion, are just trying to keep their identity??? Just a random thought.


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