You ask why I am a Muslim

21 Nov 2011

You ask why I am a Muslim
Without taking into account the signs
You ask why I devote myself to something strange and alien
Without looking at the bigger picture

So don’t look at me and ask
Why I stand and proudly declare
That I am a Muslim
Without stopping and looking around
At the shining sun
At the light of the full moon
At the leaves as they twirl and dance in the evening breeze
Look around and see the miracles of the everyday world
And think…
Why am I a Muslim?

Don’t ask me why I am what I am
Why I insist on a different fashion and belief
Without closing your eyes and listening
To the wail of the wind
To the crack of approaching thunder
To the cry of a newborn child
Listen to the sounds of life
Of the amazing world around you
And ponder…
Why am I a Muslim?

Don’t accuse me of not knowing right from wrong
Don’t say that I don’t know the truth
Without reaching out your arms
And embracing the world
Feel the brush of the carpet as you prostrate to your Lord
Feel the smoothness of the paper as you read the words of your provider
Feel the prickle of the grass underfoot
Feel the tide of the water as you face the vast oceans
And ask yourself…
Why am I a Muslim?

With such a magnificent world
So beautiful,
So amazing,
So perfect,
How can I not believe in a creator?
A Lord of the worlds
A King over all Kings?
How can I look at such a world?
At how perfectly constructed it is?
And not be a Muslim?

So don’t look me in the eyes
And ask me why I am a Muslim
When the wonders of the world
And its faultless structure
It’s right in front of you
As perfect examples
Without an ounce of suspicion
Of doubt in the glory of Allah (swt)
Of the magnificence of the Al-Mighty One
And the perfectness of our existence

Ask me why I am a Muslim?
I tell you to look around you at the world
And see how pristine and flawless it really is
Uncontested in its creation
I am a Muslim
Because the world as perfect as ours needs a creator
And the creator can be no other than
The one and only god
Uncontested in his might and power
The best of protectors
 Allah (swt)


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