Nano Update - Week 4

30 Nov 2013

As of midnight tonight, Nanowrimo will be over for another year. And that is unbearably sad news. I love Nano, and count down the weeks until it every year. 50,000 words in one hectic month... it sounds crazy, but it really is an amazing experience.

So, I mournfully present the final Nano update for this year:

WORDS: 50,632... I won!! 
PLOT: Slowly leaving the train tracks... but that's what December editing is for.
CHARACTERS: I.... I just don't know anymore. Half of them are in the slow process of dying, the other half have committed mutiny and disappeared from the story. And yet more and more villains are flooding in wanting a part of the plot.

Here are the top 3 of my favourite sentences from this months writing:

1. We sit in quiet once again and I listen to the wind as it howls around us, mourning the loss of the world. 
2. Some of them recognise my body, I can see it in their eyes; but they don't recognise my mind, the being that sits and controls this flesh and blood.   
3. I want to be able to one day look my grand-children in the eyes, and say, I’m proud of the world I helped create for you to live in.


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