The Liebster Blog Award

10 Dec 2012

So I have seen these blog awards floating around the blogging world since I started blogging but I have never recieved one. That has now changed. Ginger from Quirks-and-Irks has nominated me for The Liebster Blog Award which is an award encouraging new or small-in-size blogs. It also serves the purpose to shine some light on blogs that receive little attention. Liebster is a German word for 'sweet' or 'favourite'.

The rules are as follows:
1. Answer the 11 questions that come with the award.
2. Give 11 facts about yourself.
3. Name the 11 nominees.
4. Post 11 questions for these nominees to answer.

Here are my answers to the questions given to me:

Q1. How often do you wash your pillowcases?
A1. As often as I need to. I usually do so every two-three weeks.

Q2. What do/did you want to be when you grow up? 
A2. An world-wide bestselling author with published piece of work that inspires all those who read it.

Q3. What is the most exotic dish you have ever eaten? Did you enjoy it?
A3. Um... I eat a lot of multi-cultural dishes as a regular part of my diet so this is a hard one. I can't really say that any dish is more 'exotic' over another. All I can say is that some I thoroughly enjoy. Others.... I will never ever mention again. *shudders*

Q4. What is the craziest nickname someone has ever given you?
A4. It would have to be Yamzie. It was given to me by my Dad as a joke when I got my Tax File Number a few months ago with the name displayed on it as 'Hadiyam'. It was a misprint with the last letter supposed to be a 'h' instead of a 'm'. My Dad found it hilarious and made the nickname Yamzie from it. He is forbidden to call me by it though.

Q5. How do you feel about reality TV shows such as Jersey Shore?
A5. Honestly, I have no idea what Jersey Shore is, much less what it's about. But for reality TV shows, I don't watch them. I believe that they have no purpose in bettering society and simply encourage bad habits and wants in our communities like uneccessary drama, back-biting, and complaining.

Q6. On which day of the week were you born?
A6. A Wednesday. It was the hottest day in that year.

Q7. What is/was your favourite school subject and why?
A7. My favourite school subjects are History, Creative Writing and Psychology. Don't make me choose just one!

Q8. Least favourite?
A8. Science... most definitely.

Q9. Which job would you least like to do?
A9. I'm sure there is a worse job which I would like to do even less but the only thing I can think of now is a route bus driver. I can't imagine it's pleasant driving the same roads day after day with rude passengers, horrible drivers on the road and long hours.

Q10. How do you feel about gay marriage?
A10. Personally I think it's not only morally but spiritually wrong but I won't comment further on it for fear of offending someone.

Q11. Do you believe painting your toenails is a waste of time?
A11. Yes I do. I've never painted my toenails and I never plan to either.

11 facts about myself. 

1. I often feel like I don't have the basic skills to get what I want done finished.
2. I think society is a jumbled mess no one can ever hope to make sense of or fix.
3. I've just finished and am in the final stages of editing my first full-length novel, which is the first in a planned for trilogy.
4. I make myself sick if I think I'm not going to make a deadline for an assignment (even if the deadline is two weeks away).
5. I have a real aversion to people who don't listen to helpful and gently given critism.
6. I hate bad spelling and grammar.
7. I'm usually on the controversial side of an argument.
8. I don't voice my opinions or feelings a lot but if you listen to my writing you'll find out a lot about me.
9. I don't understand text-speech. For example, cul8er. Do you have any idea how long it took me to figure out it meant See you later?!
10. I'm different and I'm proud of it.
11. I spend far, far too much time on my computer.

My 11 nominees are:

1. Nabilah at Nothing of Nothingness
2. Shahidah at Funny wackiness
3. Muslimah09 at A Rainbow of Dreams
4. Umm Zakariyya at Educating Muslims
5. Calisha at Diamonds of Islam
6. daydreamer at daydreaming
7. ♥●• İzdihër •●♥ at ! - İzdihër - !
8. Nicky O'Dowd at Chronic and Creative  
9. Hannah at Ink and Paper Dreams
10. The Lone Dudette at Talking About Life
11. Janine at Reflections from a Red Head

And now the 11 questions for the nominated nominees are:

1. Do you have a specific item of clothing that holds a special symbolism to you? For example, you feel it contributes greatly to your identity, personality, etc. Why is it special to you?
2. What is your number one passion/hobby and what is it that attracts you to it?
3. What is your dream occupation?
4. If you could fix anything in the world, what would it be?
5. You are stranded the middle of the desert with nothing but an empty backpack. What do you do first?
6. What was the last book you read?
7. What is the one thing you would love to achieve above all else?
8. What is your clearest, most fondest memory?
9. Do you prefer pen and paper or a computer for writing, notes, etc.?
10. What annoys you the most about people?
11. What were the last three words you said outloud?


Ginger said...

Great story behind your nickname there! I have been called Dotty, Boggy, Tanny (despite my ironic lack of a tan) and even "Ears".

I was surprised you had not heard of Jersey Shore, although Irish and UK reality shows are more popular here. If you haven't seen it, I recommend you steer clear! It will change your perceptions of the human race...

Hadiyah J. Stephens said...

Weird nicknames. I wonder what the stories behind them are? =)
We have reality TV shows here but not Jersey Shore. I don't like them either way.

Janine said...

Wow - thanks so much for the nomination :) I needed the cheering up and that's just what you did. Looking forward to exploring your blog. Janine

Hadiyah J. Stephens said...

No problem. =)

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