Awesome Teenage Blogger Award

3 Mar 2013

Teenage Blogger Central is a blog dedicated to uniting teenage bloggers. It is also the host of the Awesome Teenage Blogger Award which is designed to help promote teenage bloggers all over the world and help us all get to know them a bit better. So... on to the rules.

1. Thanks the person who gave you this award and copy the rules to a new post on your own blog. 
2. Answer the 3 introduction questions and the 4 questions asked by the kind person who awarded you.
3. Tag between 1 to 100 other bloggers aged twenty years or younger who, as far as you know, are not already Teenage Blogger Central (a free directory and community for young bloggers!) members or have not already been tagged.  
4. Think of 4 more questions to ask your lucky recipients and inform them that they have won an award!


Thanks goes to Ginger who is the admin of Teenage Blogger Central and who thought up the idea of making a teenage blogger award. She can also be found her personal blog Quirks-and-Irks

Introduction Questions (To help us all to get to know each other!): 

1. Which 5 words would you use to describe your personality? Is your blogging personality anyway different from your real-life one?
- Responsible, Academic, Insomniac, Introvert, Awkward. And I would probably say that what you see on here is maybe a bit more confident and uplifted that I am in real life.

2. Where in the world do you live and who with?
- I live in Australia with my parents, 5 younger siblings, two cats, a rabbit and a guinea pig.     

3. When did you start blogging and why?
- I started blogging in August 2010 basically to get my creative writing and projects out there. It was my mum's idea to start a blog and after 2 hours of playing with settings and designs I had one! 

Extra Questions (the award winner will redesign these each time):

4. What do you hope to accomplish by the time you're 40?
- Hopefully I'd have published a few books, have a family and have inspired a new generation to express their personalities and opinions through writing and art.

5. What song is currently stuck in your head? 
- Uh... I don't actually have any song stuck in my head. Instead I've got multiple ideas on how to write my final chapter to my novel fighting to be chosen. 

6. Have you ever done anything dishonest/foolish? Did you learn from it, and were the consequences funny to look back on?
- I'm sure I've done something foolish at some point and time, everyone has; but at this precise moment I can't think of any specific occasion.  

7. What subjects at school/college do you enjoy/hate most? Why? 
- Well, I enjoy social/cultural theories, history, laws and conventions and creative writing the most because social issues and injustices now and in the past interest me and I especially like to explore those situations through the written word. My least favourite subject would have to be anything to do with gender rights and family roles because a lot of what I study is just, for the lack of a better word, stupid

So questions done. Now to the nominees. I'll like to pass this blogger award onto:

And whoever else that is between 13-20 and wants to participate. You are all welcome to come along and take it. :)

My 4 questions for you all to answer (plus the 3 introduction questions) are:

1. If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would you say?
2. What's your dream future?
3. What's a quote that inspires you?
4. If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?


I'd also like the take the opportunity of this blog post to do two more things.

I'd like to thank Ghazala at Enhancing Craft for nominating me for the Liebster Award. Thanks so much!

And I'd like to inform all of my followers that the next issue of The Desert's Hand (an online magazine that showcased the talent of young writers/artists around the world) is now available. You can find it on The Desert's Hand page above. Enjoy!

Until next time! Forever in Peace. 


Fatimah Hayat said...

Congrats Hadiyah.
i think this award will appreciate teenage blogger around the world.
with love...

Hadiyah Stephens said...

Thanks Fatimah! I forgot to put you on the list of nominees but I've fixed that now. <3 Hadiyah

GHAZALA said...

congrats darling , nice new look of your blog and good to know things about you ,may all your dreams come true Ameen

Ginger said...

Thanks for participating! We have 2 new members since, so it's obviously working :)

Hadiyah Stephens said...

Thanks! :)

Hadiyah Stephens said...

Haha, they would be my sisters - Nabilah and Shahidah. :D

Muslimah09 said...

Nice new look!!!!! i love it!!

Hadiyah Stephens said...

Thanks! :D

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