Caring for others, Caring for yourself

23 Apr 2013

You try so hard to take care of everyone else
That you forget to take care of yourself


Me right now, and honestly... most of the time. So many people need help, and yet no one seems to care. It feels like the world is on your shoulders, and everyone needs some of your time, or love, or assistance. But then when you need help, no one looks twice. Somewhere along the line, you stop caring too.    


Huda said...

Ohh Hadiyah, I feel what you're saying! It's so important to take a step back from others sometimes, to take care of yourself and enjoy your own company. But I don't think you should ever stop caring. People will always want or need you for something, that won't change even if you stop caring. That's how we humans are, we are never satisfied with what we have. May Allah surround you with caring and compassionate people who will also help you when you feel down or in need. <3

Huda said...

Btw I love the pic that you've attached with this post. It's a sad pic though :-(

Hadiyah Stephens said...

Thanks Huda. <3

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