When There's No Tomorrow Covers!

17 Apr 2013

Hi all,

So as I promised earlier, here are my top 5 covers to my planned so to be released novel.

Please visit the below link and view/vote on your preferred cover. You can also voice your opinions below in the comment section.  



Ginger said...

Love them all, especially the grey :)

Anonymous said...

The first one!! It suits it perfectly. At least in my opinion. And then again i like the one of the girl with blonde hair as well. But I think the first one suits!

Huda said...

Ooh can't wait to get my hands on a copy insha Allah :)

I voted as well, and my fave is the fourth one followed closely by the first.

Hadiyah Stephens said...

I have the same opinion. Thanks for commenting. :)

Hadiyah Stephens said...

Thanks! Insha'allah you will get a copy soon.

Hadiyah Stephens said...


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