So... I baked a cake.

24 May 2013

I had a long list of things I planned on doing today. I was going to do the final edit of my assignment due Monday, I was going to start on the sequel to When There's No Tomorrow, and I was going to finish an art project I've been working on for the last week. Among other things.
However, instead of doing all of the things I planned on doing... I baked a cake. A cake that consisted of two layers, and several minor components such as chocolate truffles and a thick coffee cream. Why? Because I was in a mood to bake something when I got up this morning, and this particular cake happens to be my mothers favourite.

One Coffee, Chocolate & Hazelnut Cake - The result of an entire days labour and care. 

It almost seemed a pity to eat it, considering the effort put into it. My dad joked that we should have sealed it with a protective varnish and kept it forever.
Oh well, at least it was delicious.  


Huda said...


Aisha H. said...

Seroiusly??? You ATE that???

H. J. Stephens said...

It was. :)

H. J. Stephens said...

Haha, I would have sent some over to you Aisha but I think it would have gone off by the time it got there.

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