When There's No Tomorrow Release!

12 Aug 2013

A few months ago I mentioned that I was my book 'When There's No Tomorrow' was getting published. I am proud to announce that it is now on sale on various online bookstores. It's my goal to get it into local bookstores over the next few months as well. 

You can find my book on the Angus and Robertson, Amazon, Book Depository, Xlibris and Barnes and Noble bookstore sites. It's also available on Kindle, Kobo and Nook if you'd like it as a e-book.

If you missed my previous post, here's a look at the front and the blurb.  You can also check out this website for more info on the book.

The economy has collapsed, Earth’s population has been reduced to practically nothing and the world is split between two factions – The Nationals and the Forgotten.

80 years ago the worst war in human history began. 10 years ago it ended. At least that's what the history books say. But everyone knows; history books lie. The war never ended. It's still going; there just aren’t enough people alive anymore to dispute it. 

My name is Kalina. My father is chief of my people, the Forgotten. The rebel scum, you may know us as. Pirates and swindlers. But we're not. We're just people fighting together to make a stand against injustice. Making a stand for our freedom. 

But it's not that simple though; freedom and justice. Who chooses what is and what isn't right? Who chooses who lives and who dies? 

Someone once asked me, who are we to stop a war? I ask you, who are we not to? 

Sound good? I hope so! Feel free to comment or ask any questions. 


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