When There's No Tomorrow Giveaway!

24 Sep 2013

Want a chance to win a free copy of When There's No Tomorrow? Keep reading to find out how you can!
This is what you can win! 

First prize: A signed paperback copy of When There's No Tomorrow.
Second prize: A free e-book of When There's No Tomorrow.
Third prize: A signed When There's No Tomorrow bookmark.

Here's what you need to do. Complete at least one of the following list and fill in the below form in a comment below. Or if you don't feel comfortable sharing your email with everyone use the contact form on the left about half way down the page. That way, your details will go straight to my email and will not be seen by anyone else. After the event, all information will be deleted for the participants privacy.

So, you can:
  • Become a fan on Goodreads.
  • Like my Facebook page or share a post. 
  • Share this blogpost on Google+ (follow my blogger profile to my page, all of my blogposts can be found there). 
  • Follow this blog (if you haven't already)
  • Share this post anywhere else! (just tell me where you have)  

Email (so I can contact you if you win):
What you did:

Once you have done this your name will be written down and put in a bowl. Old fashioned I know, but it works. At the end of the giveaway I'll randomly pull out three slips and announce the winners.   
Hope you can all participate! I look forward to hearing from you!  


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