Nano Update - Week 1.

7 Nov 2013

So, today is Day 7 of the National Novel Writing Month. A week has already passed me by, I can't believe it. So, how am I going?

WORDS: 11008.
CHAPTER: 3 and a half.
PLOT: I threw the outline I drafted up in October out of the window somewhere in Day 4. Since then, I've just been letting the story go where it wants to go. So far this has worked quite well, though there have been times where I have had to backtrack and start a new direction due to writing myself into a corner. Unfortunately, that means that I have to delete the words I had written in the process.
CHARACTERS: I really don't know anymore. They are doing there own thing, living their own lives. Minor characters from WTNT are popping back up in this sequel, even though I had no prior plans for them doing so.

So, my novel is kinda writing itself at the moment. I don't know what's going to happen the next time I sit down. But this is Nano, and not knowing what happens next is half of the fun.

Until next time. 



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